Alice Zhao

Behind the Stand Podcast

I created Behind the Stand Podcast because I was inspired by entrepreneurs in the Vancouver community and beyond. To me, starting a business brings to mind images of Elon Musk showing off his latest technological creation, Richard Branson jetting off to his private island, and Mark Zuckerberg on the Forbes richest list before he was 30. Yet, for anyone who has been in the trenches of getting a real product off the ground, they know that it's pain-staking, ego demoralizing work that take years before any success is found.

Through Behind the Stand, I've had the privilege of hearing the stories of normal, every day people. These are humans who had the courage the say yes to investing in themselves. They said yes to taking a risk even when it meant falling into hundreds of dollars in debt. They said yes to getting back up again even when their previous venture completely failed. So what are you waiting for?

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